One Ui 5.1 Three New Features

One Ui 5.1 Three New Features

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a special article about One UI features.

    YouTube has Picture In Picture support back in Secure Folder. Secure Folder is an amazing application that locks your applications. We have plenty of articles about Secure Folder and you can read one here. Anyway, the Picture in Picture mode means I can go home and see YouTube while using another application. This is great for productivity.

Samsung Gallery/Photo Remastering:

        Samsungs Photo Rematering mode now can remove shadows and highlights automatically. Also, you can search for more faces in the Galler application, and if you swipe up on a photo, you and see information about the photo and what setting it was taken. Also, you can brighten up pictures taken with the front-facing camera, and you can see the Expert RAW icon in the camera settings. 

The Photo remastering software for Samsung

Bixby Text Call

    I have not used it yet but Bixby text call has support for English now. This means Bixby will take my calls and I can respond to the person via a text message. I am excited.

Battery Widget

    There is a new battery widget that shows the battery life of your devices connected and of the phone. The 4x2 widget looks bad as it has four circles no matter how many devices are connected. The other battery widget looks better.    

God Bless and Tech Talk Tou You Later. Jesus Saves. 


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