An Open Letter To Samsung

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with an Open Letter To Samsung. 

Dear Samsung, You are a great company. You make great devices and are probably wondering why your premium Android devices are not selling as well. The reason is you started removing features.

Rugged Black Samsung Phone with dual cameras.

    Samsung, you used to be innovative and fun. You tried out new concepts such as the Galaxy K Zoom which flopped but you still persisted and now have great zoom today. Other concepts such has an in-display fingerprint scanner and Dex caught on and are now on millions of devices. 

    However, you slipped when you removed the headphone jack from the Not 10 series and the Micro SD card slot from the S21 series. Sales started declining even more as you raced to become more like the iPhone. The S2 now has more features than the S22 Plus (MicroSD and WQHD screen). You made the Ultra the only phone worth getting. 

    Samsung, what fans is not an Android iPhone, rather they want innovation. They want the best camera performance, but they also want features such as MicroSD card slots, headphone jacks, great battery life (Thank you S23 series), and more. 

    I want a dual-screen case, Windows on DEX, and more innovative features. Sincerely, your fan, TheTechBoy.          

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