What Is KaiOs?

What Is KaiOs?

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with an article on KaiOs.

    KaiOs is an operating system developed for Feature phones primarily for use in third-world countries. However, you may find a skinned version of the operating system on flip phones in the United States that are marketed toward seniors. Nokia also uses KaiOs in some of its phones.  The goal of KaiOs is to bring Internet access to people cheaply.  The phones themselves usually support 4G and GPS. 

    KaiOs has the backing of Google. This means that Google Assistant is on there and it can be used for basic web searches. There are also Google Maps, Google, Duo, and YouTube. However, the phones do not have Chrome. For messaging there is SMS and WhatsApp. The phones do support an app store, with over 1200 applications in the store. Most of the phones do not have full keyboards and touch screens, so you h have to do T9 typing. Also, you have to use the d-pad to navigate the device and play games. On some phones, there is a mic button you can use to talk to Google Assistant. 

    In the United States, the phones that run KaiOs are not as interesting (unless it is Nokia). For example, some flip phones use Kai OS and 4G, but they do not have access to the internet or an application store. They are dumbed down and have a list of apps such as 'phone', 'contacts', and 'messaging'. If you are going to buy a KaiOs phone for a senior flip phone allegedly does not transfer data well per a YouTube who worked in a cellphone store. 

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