What is Beef and why is it Dangerous PT 1

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a cybersecurity article. 

    Beef xss is a cybersecurity tool built into Kali Linux. It has modules that all it to control a browser all from a link. Let's get into this software. 

Beef XSS logo

    This software is easy to download if you do not have it. If you are in the terminal launch the program and it will open in your browser (here are the instructions). Anyway, the software gives you a link to either embed in a website that you have (you would need to modify it so get to the outside internet and not the LAN), or to email to somebody.

    I have used these tools before and the tools that still work are the fake phishing tool that phishes your Gmail account. The page does not look legitimate but someone not paying attention could fall for this link sent to them in an email or a QR code. The attacker using this tool will get the password sent to them.

    One of the other 'benefits' of this software is that it can fake the URL bar. Therefore instead of seeing an IP address like 10.1.010 etc, you will see something like 'google.com' this will cause the attacked to believe that the page they are on is legitimate. This is a useful attack vector because when you redirect the user to another website (a real site like thetechboy.org, a site you could have hacked, or a phishing page you created), it can look like any URL.

    You can even send a message to the user, have Clippy pop up on the screen, and wreak all sorts of havoc on a user's browser. This is why the tool is so dangerous. Smartphone users copying a link or QR code could be redirected to a link like this. Advanced crackers could infect legitimate sites with the link and get thousands of users 'hooked' that way.

For more cybersecurity tips watch the video below.


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