3 Bing Chat Tips in Swiftkey and Should You Use It?

3 Bing Chat Tips in Swiftkey and Should You Use It?


1. Have It Change Your Message To Another Tone.

    First, click the B button and click the Tone Icon. Then type something. I typed the phrase, "I love You," and after some processing, it gave me a Professional response, a casual response, a polite response, and a social media option (along with an emoticon/octothorpe). If you don't like the responses you can type it in again. After finding an option click the accept key. This will put it in the search bar/chat app.  

The swiftkey keyboard showing the word "TheTechBoy" in the search bar.

2. Search

    Have you ever been reading a text/email/chat and needed more information, bing search has you covered. You can look up things on Bing. Swiping to the end, and clicking the "see more results" will open the Bing search engine. 

3. Chat

    Chatting with Bing AI is easy from Swiftkey. You can then ask it something and get an AI response with citations. You can click the copy button to copy and paste the response.    

    Should you use it? It is kind of useful, and the tone suggestions are okay. Sometimes the application is laggy, and the system is kind of slow. The system also uses Bing so...you know it is not the best. 

God Bless and Tech Talk To You Later!!!

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