Nobody Cares, Samsung

Nobody Cares, Samsung

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a rant.

    Per Samsung Newsroom, "Samsung and JADEN Launch Samsung Galaxy x MSFTSrep Eco-conscious Accessories Collection for Earth Day." This is a new line of accessories for Samsung's Z and S flagship devices and Galaxy Watch devices. 

    According to Samsung, "MSFTSrep is more than just a clothing company. It aims to spark movement around the love of fashion and individuality, social equality and protecting the environment – a concept that unites so many." Ok Newsflash Samsung!!!


    Let's break down the comment that Samsung made. Samsung is claiming that social equality and environmentalism unite people. Aside from the obvious fact that these things do not unite people and are very divisive. Nobody cares.

     Normal people when they shop for devices don't care about 'social scores,' carbon emissions, ESG, etc. when they shop!! They don't care about the percentages of recycled plastic/paper/metal in a device or box!!! They care about prices, specs, and features. And Samsung is lacking in that department.

    As an aside, Samsung referenced 'Earth Month' which I did not know was a thing. When did it become a month? Ok nobody cares about half of the months anyway, but I digress. Anyway, 30-dollar cases look like a Unicorn spit on them. 

TYe dye colored case

God Bless and Tech Talk To You Later!!


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