ExploreFlix Review

ExploreFlix Review

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a review of Exploreflix.

Good: Christian Values, Good Content, Can Play in PIP 
Bad: Not as much content, Still In Beta, No Mobile App  

   What Is Explore Flix:

     Explore Flix is a Christian movie streaming site that produces its own movies and hosts other Christian movies and television shows. The service retails for 9.99 USD dollars a month, and has a web version and a Roku version. The company told me to produce is still in beta so keep that in mind. The company provides me a free login to do the review. 


    The Chose ins on Explore Flix and a few older movies on here. There are also some interesting films here. In all, there are not that many films on here and it is sorely lacking in kid's content. There is some comedy and action-adventure content as well. 


    The web application looks well. I did not play a full movie but I did play something. I think it stuttered only one time. It can play content up to 1080p and can play content in picture-in-picture mode. The software does not support closed captioning, but it can play videos when you leave the tab. 
    You can share episodes as links and favorite episodes and mark episodes as watched. There is even an author profile so that you can read about the person who produced the content.
    There is no mobile application but you can play movies in the browser. the features remain the same, but you cannot get a fullscreen mode like you can on YouTube.   

    Update: For Christian Movie streaming this is still in beta nad not ready yet. For now, I would go with Pure Flix. However, the catalog is growing and it should get better over time.

God Bless, and Tech Talk To You Later!!!


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