How To Pair Your Android Phone To PC To Transfer Files

How To Pair Your Android Phone To PC To Transfer Files

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a Question Posed To TheTechBoy.

    Somebody sent in a question to TheTechBoy asking how they can pair their Samsung Phone to their Windows PC to see photos and videos on the device. There are plenty of ways to do this here are some.


    Connect the phone to the PC via USB and click the notifaction on the phone to allow access to files.      


    If you are on WiFi you can go to on your laptop and phone (or download the application). This will allow you to send files and messages between devices. Clicking the button with the cutesy name will let you send files between the device.  A full 

Ouick Share: 

    You can share the video by going to the share the image by going to the share menu and clickink Quick Share. Click the button then click the linksharing icon. Then you can type the link/scan the QR code on you Windows 11 PC. However this may be a bit complex so here is a better more comprehesive method for your usecase. 

Microsoft Phone Link:

    Open the Phone Link application on your computer. On Samsung phone this is preinstalled so you can scan the QR code (in the app) to lin the phone. Allow it to access the calls, files, and texts of the device. On other Android/IOS devices download the application and come back. Make sure you are on the same WiFi to pair the devices. 

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