Samsung Features A Built In Tip Calculator

Samsung Features A Built In Tip Calculator

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a Quick Tip pun not intended. 

    Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to calculate a tip of a deserving person but did not know how to split it or how much a percentage was? Well, Samsung has you covered.

Screenshot showing Samsung Tip Calculations

    Samsung has a built-in Tip Calculator. This is built into the default calculator application. Here are two simple steps to access it.

1. Click The Ruler Icon

    The Ruler Icon is for unit conversions. Look at the top where you will see 'Area' 'Length' etc. and swipe all the way left until you see the tip menu. You can also swithe the big screen until you get to the tip selection..

2. Type In Info

    Type in the information of what you are trying to calculate. Input the subtotal, the percentage of tip you want to pay in the first column, and how many people are playing. The Small bubbles on the left hand of the screen will let you do this. The readout in the corner of the screen will be what each person (or just you) pay.

To see a calculator comparison watch this video.


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