Shortwave Adds AI Functionality to Service

Shortwave Adds AI Functionality to Service

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a special update. 

    Shortwave, now has an AI summarizer for emails. I tested it out in Shortwave's newsletter which talked about the new features. Here is an excerpt from the AI summarizer.    

Shortwave AI Tools Screen

    "Shortwave has released new AI features, enhanced settings, and other improvements to enhance the email experience, including Smart Commands for generating draft replies, listing action items, offering critique, or translating threads, as well as new settings pages for Bundles, Firewall, and Search, and Explain with AI, Mark as Unread, Multi-account support on Android, and Share Shortwave features." 

    In order to access the AI summarizer, click the button that looks like the three stars and click the button that says summarize. There are other tools as well including a button to critique, translate and generate a draft reply to the email. You can search for the commands and make custom ones.  The UI is nice but when a custom command does not work there should be a button to go back and edit a failed command. 

God Bless and Tech Talk To You Later!!!   

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