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Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a review. compensated me for this article. is an online gaming service that lets you play simple 2D games. I will provide a unique perspective as a non-gamer. I briefly skimmed through the catalog, and most of the games were pixelated 'retro style.' 
    I'm not sure if that is a current trend or if it is to reduce the load on the server (Retro Bowl is popular, so I wouldn't doubt it). I found a game called 'Deep Worm' that looked like it had the best graphics. A setup screen showed me how to play the game, and I was ready to start.

Setup Screen
The entire premise of the game is to attack the military above ground and blow up their trucks and soldiers without getting shot. Getting shot causes you to lose a life. The keyboard controls are kind of complex for a first-time gamer, but the touch controls are alright. 
    I finally figured out that you are supposed to use 'A' and 'D' keys and only one set of arrow keys. This makes the controls more manageable but still complex. The worm can only move left or right at an angle or in circles. When I played for the first time, I did not get killed, so that is good.

    The game kind of does not fit my screen, but using the web application link seemed to fix it. If you create an account on the website, you can save some of the games as favorites and sync progress across multiple devices. You can log in with Facebook, Discord, and Google or create an account. It doesn't ask for your birthday, though, so that may be a problem with COPPA laws. 

Notice The White Bars

     Some of the games, such as Arrow Shooter, seem more suited to mobile devices as they are in a vertical orientation. This game lets you shoot an arrow at a rope holding a man. It seems that if you follow the path of the stars, you will succeed. However, I could not get past level 2 on my laptop, but using my cell phone, I was able to reach level 3. At that point, the game was becoming addictive, and I could see how it would be really fun.

    There are plenty of games listed at the bottom of the page that you can play, and the website is entirely ad-free (as of the publishing date). I tested the application in Chrome, Samsung Internet, and Edge, and the games/web applications worked. At the top of the site, there is a button that gives you a random game to play.

    When you sign up, no verification email is required, and you can immediately create a profile and leave comments. I hope they fix this system to comply with COPPA. In conclusion, is a neat little site that allows you to play browser-based games without any advertisements. However, it could use a little work before it is ready for thousands of kids to use the site.

God Bless nd Tech Talk To You Later

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