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Websites > Mobile Apps.

 Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a Hot Take.

Websites > Mobile Apps.

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    I'm not saying that applications are bad, and they some are actually good (ex. YouTube, Zoho app) platforms that are application only are not great.
   Meta recently launched Threads and it is application only for now. They could benefit from launching a website that would potentially target desktop and tablet users. This is not good for growth as you loose out on an entire network of people who could benefit from your service.

    Another example of this is Instagram. Sure you can search basically on Instagram butore advanced searvhes via octothorpe (hashtags) and location have to be handled via theobile application, potentially forcing Social Media managers to use their phone for everything.

   Lastly, Twitter limits functionality on the mobile website. You cannot record a Space without an application. Leaving thousands of desktop users out who have potentially better microphones.

    Sure, Microsoft and Apple are working on App support in their OSes but it's not the same. Applications take up space and force people to do one more thing. Sometimes applications even hide functionality from the website version. 

   I'm not saying that phones should not have applications. However, there should be feature parity between applications and their webpages.

    Blogger, on the web, is a great experience. I can edit and embed HTML and get the full experience of the site while the application limits that. The same goes for YouTube. I cannot copy the embed code of a video without using the YouTube website. Theese things are essential to TheTechBoy functionally. 

   Our phones are pocket computers we need to start using it like them like it. Using full websites is a step in that journey.

God Bless and Tech Talk To You Later!!!


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