Apple Cant Get Away With This

Apple Cant Get Away With This

    The iPhone 15 only has two cameras and a 60 Hz display! Why is this acceptable? The Pixel 6a got criticized for not having a 60 Hz display (which is a valid criticism). The iPhone 15 is more expensive, and Apple still won't include a feature that's on Samsung's A54. This is terrible in terms of specs, and only Apple seems to get away with it.

An iPhone X

    Apple did increase the resolution of its cameras to 48 MP, which means it gets 2x 'lossless' zoom with no optical telephoto camera, but any zoom beyond that is purely digital. Samsung's S21 had a 3x zoom camera, for goodness sake! I understand that Apple wants to differentiate between the regular and Pro series, but this is unacceptable. I wouldn't want this in a similarly priced Android phone (with one exception, the Asus Zenfone due to size constraints). Apple should not be allowed to get away with this.

What do you think? Will Apple get away with this, or will they face criticism?

God bless and Tech Talk To You Later!

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