How to add a drawing to Samsung Notes.

How to add a drawing to Samsung Notes.

How to add a drawing to Samsung Notes. 

AN iPad with a notes application open.
I know it is an iPad

I found this feature accidentally it just appeared on my screen when I pulled it out of my pocket and could not wait to share it with you.

1. Let's kick things off by launching Samsung Notes. Once you're in the app, go ahead and create a brand-new note. Remember, we're not going to doodle on the screen this time; we're diving into some more advanced drawing techniques.

2. Now, look for the trusty paperclip icon within the app's interface. Once you spot it, give it a satisfying click. After that, you'll see an option that says "insert drawing." Click on that.

3. Now, it's time to unleash your inner artist! Get creative and start drawing to your heart's content. Feel free to experiment with different brush styles, mix up some vibrant colors, and explore all the cool features that this advanced drawing function has to offer. Most importantly, have a blast while you're at it!

Happy drawing! 🎨God Bless and Tech Talk To You Later!!!

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