Boogie Board Blackboard Review

Boogie Board Blackboard Review

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a review of the Boogie Board Blackboard.

    The Boogie Board Blackboard is an interesting concept. A Boogie Board is essentially a whiteboard that can erase instantaneously. However, this one is special because it comes with inserts that allow you to use it as a notebook, graph paper, just a black screen, etc. The inserts also enable you to trace over images and scan them with your phone using the Blackboard application.

    The pen is better than a regular Boogie Board's pen. It is more round and attaches to a magnetic strip at the bottom of the device (yes, the button is at the top). This pen also has an eraser that needs to be calibrated to erase. The board is somewhat pressure-sensitive with about two pressure-sensitive settings: thin and regular.

    The eraser is okay at best. You activate it by holding down a side button and using the eraser. Sometimes it works, but it also presses down on the screen and draws stuff on the screen. This means that you can draw using anything on the screen including your fingers. You can draw with the eraser, other objects, scan fingerprints, etc. on the screen (of course, using a sharp object would damage the screen).

    I really like this device. It requires no batteries. Kids really like it and are impressed with drawing on it. The only problem is that the inserts do not fit as much as I would like, and if you try to write small, it's hard to see the writing. The erase button is really nice, and it's nice that you get an erase lock button that prevents you from erasing by pushing the button.

This a great board, but I wish the inserts were better and the price was wayyy less. In all a great product that could use some work.

God Bless and Tech Talk To You Later!!!

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