Samsung's Voice Typing Needs to Get Better

Samsung's Voice Typing Needs to Get Better

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a special report.

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Samsung's voice typing is subpar. I tried using it due to its offline mode, but I couldn't continue. It is highly inaccurate on Samsung's keyboard. Fortunately, Samsung allows you to switch to Google's voice typing on its keyboard. Here are a few examples of Samsung's typing.

Hello, in welcome to the this week. In the Tech boy podcast. (Bad it should be and welcome to (no period by week)

Samsung is better than iPhone. (10/10 even spells iPhone correctly.)

I like cheesecrackers. (Should be a space)

And here are a few examples of Google's typing.

Hello, and welcome to the this week in the tech boy podcast. 9/10

Samsung gets better than iphone. Gets us supposed to be is and iphone should be iPhone.

I like cheese crackers. Perfect

   In order to change the voice typing settings, click the gear icon and scroll down to voice input. Then, select Google for voice input. If you ever need to type offline, then I guess you could choose Samsung's, after downloading a language pack, of course.

God Bless, and Tech Talk To You Later!!!

Disclaimer, I did the Google voice typing sentences first and the Samsung voice typing sentences second.

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