How To Share God's Word With Bible Gateway

How To Share God's Word With Bible Gateway

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How to share a Bible verse from Bible  

1. Find Your Verse

    Go to and pick the verse you want to share. 

2. Click The Share Button

    This button looks like an arrow (left of speaker). This will open the share menu. 

Bible Gateway Share Platform

3. Click Twitter, Facebook, Or Email.

    If you decide to send it via Twitter (X) click the bird button and it will open an external window that will compose the Tweet/post for you if you are logged in. If you are logged out then it will make you log in and then send the tweet/post. This is the same for Facebook as well.   

    For email, it will open a window that will let you put your email address in and the email you are sending it to, click an I am not a robot check, and finally, it will send the email. No email client is needed!! 

God Bless and Tech Talk To You Later!! 


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