How To Put Microsoft Edge Mobile In Desktop Mode

How To Put Microsoft Edge Mobile In Desktop Mode


Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a tutorial. 

    If you have ever wanted to use a website the way it appears on a desktop computer or gain extra functionality of certain websites, you should force it to load in desktop mode. This is how you do it in Edge Mobile. 

                                    How To 

    Click The Hamburger Menu On the Right Of the Screen. Click that button. This will open a menu. Then click 'View desktop site.' This will cause the site to load in desktop mode. If you want it to load on mobile then do the same thing  but click the button that says 'View mobile site.' This will only be applied to one site.  

Site Desktop Settings Toggle

    If you want all websites to load in desktop mode, then click the hamburger menu and click the settings icon. Next, click the General icon, then click Site Display Settings. Lastly, click the toggle to show desktop site as default.  

Site Display Settings Window

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