How Samsung OneUi 6.0 Protects Against OMG Cables

How Samsung OneUi 6.0 Protects Against OMG Cables

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a special article. Per Samsung Newsroom, 

    With the release of Samsung OneUi 6, Samsung introduced 'Samsung Auto Blocker' which can, "Auto Blocker has a range of additional controls, including turning on app security checks to help detect potential malware and prevent harmful commands and software installations by USB cable." (Emphasis mine)

Samsung Message gaurd image
Source: Samsung Newsroom

    This will protect you from the O.M.G cable which can execute commands via the USB C cable. However, the user must have this app and the protection enabled for the tool to work. A malicious attacker could get physical access and turn the phone off or socially engineer you to get you to turn it off.

Also, Message Guard is expanded, "Initially launched for messaging apps from Google and Samsung, it now can help protect users using popular third party apps," making messaging safer for all. 

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