Top 5 Things To Do With Your Numworks Calculator

Top 5 Things To Do With Your Numworks Calculator

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a special review. 

Numworks Calculator
Source: Numworks

1. Plot Restrictions

    Go to the Grapher application and type in an equation. Then toggle up to the equation, click plot restrictions, and change the X minimum and X maximum to restrict the domain of the graph.

2. Use Periodic Table

    Click the Periodic Table application and toggle to the three-button menu button and select what you want to see on the table. You can select to read the Element family, Metals, Molar mass, etc.   

3. Python Games/Apps

    Search for Numworks Python scripts and install them. Some ones I installed are called Maze Escape and Abstract Art Creator. You have to have an account and a computer to load the files onto the calculator. To run them go to the three dots and click execute script.  If you want to edit the script you can click on it and edit the script. I edited the maze to give me more lives.

4. Install Apps

    These are specific Numworks files. While the Python scripts are hosted on the Numworks website the apps are not. We created an app store so people can find more applications so be sure to tech it out if you are a developer or want to find some new applications to download. These applications will show up on the calculator's home screen. App store link

5.  Solve Equations 

    You can solve equations on this thing. While you can do it on it is easier to find the application. You can seven solve quadratic equations. 

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