First Perspective On Freespoke: New Trends Bad Layout

First Perspective On Freespoke: New Trends Bad Layout

    Another year another alternative search engine. This year it's Freespoke that dares to challenge Google has interesting features...but falls a bit short. is a freemium search engine that has Ai article summarizing, marks search results as 'left' 'center', and 'right', and offers video search search with filters for YouTube, Rumble, TikTok, Vimeo, and Facebook.  It has a decent image search, and its AI summarizing is decent, but its search results are badly organized. 

Freespoke Logo

    This search engine attempts to merge new search trends with old search layouts. This is demonstrated by searching for a search team. I searched the Texans, and instead of organizing news articles in a cluster, having an X carousel underneath, and showing a score box on top, Freespoke just shows the Quick Match (one link) AI summary and just random blue links in a row.   

Quick Match

    When I did a search for TheTechBoy podcast in the video search, I got a totally different unaffiliated podcast!!! The ranking algorithm also seems very weird.  TheTechBoy doesn't rank very high and it seems that it just looks for the word on a site. The more times the word is on a site the higher it is ranked. For instance, I search 'news' and after the most relevant stories, then I get search results that just have the word 'news' on the website or in an article.     

There is more to unpack and there will be future articles. God Bless and Tech Talk To You Later!!     

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