How To Enable And Add Quick Responses In Samsung Messages

How To Enable And Add Quick Responses In Samsung Messages

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Sometimes you can't or won't talk to people but still need to send a response. This is how you enable quick responses in Samsung Messages.

1. Open Samsung Messages
    Open the application and click the three dots. Next, click the Quick Responses word at the near bottom of the ticker. Next, toggle the "Show in conversations" button.

Samsung Messages Quick Response Settings

2. Adding A Quick Response

    Add a quick response by tapping the plus icon and typing in a message. After typing it, click save. You can move the messages around by holding the arrows and dragging them upwards or downwards. This will affect the placement of the messages in the application. Pressing and holding the messages will also allow you to delete them. 

3. Sending

    If you toggle the Quick Responses button then they will appear at the top of the keyboard. Tap it and they will appear in the text box.  Click the plus icon next to the camera icon if you did not enable the toggle. Next, click the Quick Response Toggle and select your message, 
Samsung Messages Quick Responses

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