Pecsu G5 Review

Pecsu G5 Review

   The article was updated on January 30th to include the correct name of the MP3 player. The Pescu G5.

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a special review. Pecsu sent me the M4  G5 to review and I have spent some time with it and think it is a good MP3 player for the price. However, the software could be a bit better. The device features a 5-inch touch screen, a USBc port, 3.5mm headphone jack, and a 3000mAh battery. It also supports Bluetooth and WiFi. On the side, it has a microSD card slot that can support cards up to 1TB of storage.  

Pescu M4 MP3 player booting up.

  When I unboxed the M4 and saw it and saw that it only had a 3000 mAh battery, my first thought was "Why is this so big?" Then I powered it on. And wow!!! This device gets loud. At max volume, it averaged 81 dB from the speakers. The sound is loud enough to fill a room and definitely louder than my phone!!! I was impressed. 

   When I unboxed the device, I also noticed the power and volume buttons and the red side button. This button is practically a waste of space. It is the button that activated the sound recorder but that thing is borderline useless. The recorder is abysmal and it shouldn't be used for anything important. I wish this button was used to pause music because that would be a lot more useful. The 

  The software of the device is okay. It is running Android 8.1 Oreo (with the Play Store) running a minimally customized version of it heard towards an MP3 player. For example, it doesn't have an app drawer, the default music player has full-screen controls in the lock screen, and it comes preloaded with about four different music applications.

  Unfortunately, the Chinese software has quirks as well including attempting to get the location to change the time with a weird pop-up, the video player looks like it's from 2006, and it is programmed to turn off after 10 minutes of inactivity. Thankfully, you can disable this feature. 

    Using the MP3 player is pretty easy. You can download music from the browser, but it's very slow so I would not do that. However, using the included USBc cable, you can easily transfer MP3s (and high-quality FLACS), videos, images, etc. to the device. The music playing applications will then find the music files and you can play them.  Other more advanced music-playing applications on here have a more advanced equalizer and other more advanced features, but unfortunately, you will not get full-screen controls on the lock screen. It also comes preloaded with Spotify but I did not test that out. 

Default Music Player Equalizer

    The sound quality on headphones and speakers is really good. I'm no audiophile but the way the national anthem, Adventures in Odyssey, and some other test songs sounded on the device sounded great to me. Especially the national anthem the vocals and the music sounded great!!! The radio application is also passable. Transferring files is easy you just drag and drop the files into the MP3 player which you can then move into specific folders on the device.

Radio Application 

    The device feels surprisingly light in the pocket and its thick size means it can stand up on its own. I would like for there to be physical controls (or better use for that red button) but the design is pretty nice. However, the back of the device is a FINGERPRINT MAGNET!! Seriously, if the FBI was looking for your prints they could probably lift it with a piece of tape!!  

    The device also has an ebook reader which can download books from Product Gutenberg. This works well. However, it doesn't seem like downloading an epub file and loading it into the device works well. The device does have a browser but it is worse than the voice recorder. It's laggy and slow and I don't recommend it. It can also install apk's. I installed the YouTube APK it it was able to support 1080p video. 
    In conclusion, this MP3 player is not a powerhouse. I wish it had better software, physical controls, and a better voice recorder. However, it is optimized for its job, has great sound quality and it does that beautifully. Also, it has three features the iPhone 14 doesn't. USBC, splitscreening and a headphone jack!!! 

God bless and Tech Talk To You Later!!!

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