Pescu Radio Review: WOW!!

Pescu Radio Review: WOW!!

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a special review. Pescu sent me a radio in exchange for the review. 

Pecsu Radio

    The Pecsu handheld radio is great!! It costs 12 dollars, has a rechargeable battery (though you can put your own double a batteries in it if you like), and can play MP3 files, FM/AM radio, and Shortwave radio. It also comes with a hand strap for the portability aspect. 

    On the top of the device, there is the USB B charging port, weird I know, the USB port (untested) and a micro SD card slot. The USB A port and Micro SD card slot are for playing MP3s. It appears that if you want to switch the tracks you press the next button at the top of the radio. 

    Playing FM/AM/Shortwave radio is fairly simple. For example, if you want to listen to AM radio you would press the button that says 'AM' in your preferred frequency on the bottom of the radio. If you want to switch channels you can use the tuner on the side. 

    The same works for FM and Shortwave. There is no decimal option though so for a station such as 105.7, you would type 1057 into the radio and it would know you want the decimal inputted. The reception also seems pretty good. For AM radio it seems that leaving the antenna uncoiled and locked in on the closed position seems to work. You may have to extend the antenna for FM broadcasts though. 

In conclusion, this is a good little radio for 12 dollars. God bless and Tech Talk To You Later!!! 


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