A35 is Not Coming To America: What Should I Buy?

A35 is Not Coming To America: What Should I Buy?

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Galaxy A35
Source Samsung Newsroom

    Samsung is not bringing the newest incarnations of its popular 'A' series A35 and A55 to the USA. Samsung says that the S23 FE and the S23 fill in the gap left by the A55 series but what Samsung models would fill in the gap felt by the A35. 

    Per GSM Arena, has a 50 MP main camera, up to 8GB or RAM and 265 GB of storage, a 5000 mAh battery, and the Exynos 1380 chip. Depending on the configuration, this phone would retail for about 367 to about 488 USD.  So what Samsung phone would fit this bracket?


    The Galaxy A54 retails for 181 to 344 USD on Amazon. It has the same storage configuration as the A55 series, however, it has a lower RAM base options (4 and 8GB instead of 6 to 8GB). The A54  also uses the same chipset with a higher-resolution ultrawide camera.  It also will get one less update than the A35.

Reasons to buy: Better Ultrawide performance
Reasons to avoid: Less RAM on some models 


S22 Plus:

   We have a full review of the phone here. This phone has a smaller battery but a more premium experience. It adds wireless charging, more RAM (8GB on all models), a better chip, and better cameras (it adds a telephoto). However, you lose the MicroSD card slot and since it came out in 2022 you only have 2 more years left of updates. The phone also gets hot sometimes. The phone retails for about 339 to 360 USD (Amazon Renewed).

Reasons to buy: Better cameras, chips, want a premium experience
Reasons to avoid: Battery life, Expandable Storage 


    The A25 is Coming to the USA!!! It retails for 199 to 259 USD. The specs are slightly worse than the A35. It has a 50 MP camera, but it has a wide-angle camera a narrower field of view, and a lower-resolution macro camera. The chipset is also less powerful than the A35. The A25's screen is also smaller than the A35's. 

Reasons to buy: Need a budget phone

Data from GSM arena, Samsung Newsroom, and thetechboy.org

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