I Visited the Samsung Store For The S24: This Is First Experience

I Visited the Samsung Store For The S24: This Is First Experience

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a special article.

Galaxy S20 Images
Yes I know I know!!!

 I went to the Samsung store and went hands-on with lots of Samsung tech including the S24 Ultra here are my impressions. 

    The phones in the store feel really fast. Even the budget ones. Maybe it is because they are new and in retail mode, but even the A54 felt a tad slower than my S22 Plus. The S24 Ultra was actually fast. I simulated my workflow by opening applications in pop-up mode, editing and recording videos, and switching applications. The video editor never left the spot (great RAM management) and the camera was snappy and good. The camera application was also a lot more fluid and responsive. However, the SPen did not feel really good. The Ai image editor was decent but it seems like it cannot edit human faces. Thankfully, you can crop the stupid AI watermark.  

    I also compared budget phones and noticed that the A15 and the A25 have different features. When taking a picture with text in it, the A15 couldn't extract text while the A25 could. Both feature similar image processing. I wish the the lighting in the room was not so good though. It was near perfect so challenging lighting conditions could not be simulated.

    I was most impressed with the S24 Plus. I finally saw the Samsung Notes AI features in real-life and it was pretty good. Samsung Internet also had to feature as well. Samsung should make that the default browser in the store so people can try it. Speaking of default apps, I am disappointed that Samsung tries to push you to use Google Messages.

    The Tab S9 Ultra was HUGE!!! However, the cameras were not that good when I began to zoom in. Also the palm rejection indrawing did not work well.  

I will add more here later. God bless and Tech Talk To You Later!!!

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