How To Change Sky In Video

How To Change Sky In Video

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a special article.

    With summer coming soon, thunderstorms arriving, and July 4th coming up, you may want to make your skies look a bit more festive and less wet. Or you may want to add space-themed or Left Behind-themed skies to your videos. You can do all this and more with the Motion Ninja app on Android.

A woman standing in a field in the Motion Ninja App

   First, download and pay for the Motion Ninja app. Then, click the button that says "Magic Sky" and select your clip. Right now, you can only use up to 6 seconds of video.

    Next, choose your effect. Depending on the effect, you can move it up and down like the fireworks or side to side for more typical skies. Feel free to explore and have fun!

God Bless, and Tech Talk To You Later!!!

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