Newderry 10000 mAh S24 Ultra Case Review

Newderry 10000 mAh S24 Ultra Case Review

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a special review. Newderry sent me this case for review.

The Newderrt 10,000 Millliam hour battery case.

    The battery on the S24 Ultra is 5000 mAh. The case's battery is double that. This means I can get approximately two full charges out of this case.

     In real-world use, it's been great. I can charge up from 40 to 100 and still have 2.5 to 3 lights left on the case (the lights indicate charge). The case charges when I charge my phone, so I can keep it on all the time. It is easy to get the phone in and it does not impede 90% of its functionality.

     Haptics, speakers, and earpieces are not degraded when using the case. In fact, the haptics and earpiece feel slightly enhanced. Although the battery bank is large, it fits in my pockets. Every area of the phone is protected. The screen is protected by the case's lip, and while the cameras are exposed, the big bottom half of the case protects it well.

     In terms of overall protection, I'm not so sure. The case is large, but the battery is solid. In a fall, it could transfer the shock of the case to the phone. Fortunately, the case is easy to hold with its slightly curved edges. The holes in the case for the SPen and the combined USB-C port work well, however, there is one problem.

     If you want to use Samsung DEX or connect external accessories, you have to remove the case. The USB-C port on the case doesn't support video output and is only for charging. Also, the port seems to impede charging speeds significantly. Thus, if you need a quick charge, the case is not suitable.

     The case claims to charge wirelessly, though I have not tested that. The case tends to scratch and become oily as well, though the button quality is excellent. I would like to see more features added to the case, such as a camera shutter button and video output via USB-C. Additionally, the case is overpriced. I got a $16 10,000 mAh battery pack from Ross, and you can find a $5 S24 Ultra case. This case is $50.

     In conclusion, this is a good case if you want true all-day and extended battery life. I can exceed the 5 1/2 hours of screen-on time this phone gives me. It's peace of mind not to have to charge the phone throughout the day. If you want genuine all-day battery life,and don't mind the price, this is the case for you. 3.5/5 stars.

God Bless, and Tech Talk To You Later!!! 

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