Best devices for Distance Learning for Children and Teenagers

Best devices for Distance Learning for Children and Teenagers


Hello, this is TheTechBoy and MaestroMO. Today we are talking about the best devices for distance learning for Children and Teenagers.


Although Chromebooks are not supported by some school districts we have some on this list. The HP Pavilion is a good laptop with many ports. It does not have a touch screen, which may be confusing for little ones. The laptop has a 14-inch screen and 128 GB of base storage. The 4GB of RAM may not be enough, so there is an 8GB option for about fifty dollars more. This laptop is a good, inexpensive Windows 10 Laptop.  The Lenovo IdeaPad 3 is an excellent sub-500 dollar laptop.  The device has 256 GB of storage and has 8GB of RAM. This laptop is a good inexpensive Windows 10 Laptop.  The touchscreen Acer Spin 11 with sleeve and stylus is a Chromebook with, many ports 32 GB of storage, (most of the storage is in the cloud) you get a laptop that is easy to use. The 11.6-inch screen turns into a tablet when flipped. It can run Android apps, and, when set up properly, can be used offline.

silver Dell laptop on brown wooden table


Tablets might be easier to use for children we have provided some options. The Samsung Tab A 10.1 is an excellent tablet with 64 GB of expandable storage. It has a keyboard and a headphone jack for quiet listening. It can run Android apps. The iPad Mini 5 is an excellent IOS tablet if you buy a Bluetooth keyboard. It has a headphone jack and 256 GB of non-expandable storage. It can work with an Apple Pencil.

A iPad with an apple Pencil


Sometimes a child may need a phone for Quizlet Live or Kahoot. Samsung's A-range of phones offers big screens and big storage for 100-600 dollars. This makes using Kahoot and Quizlet easy. Also If you are an IOS fan, look at the iPhone SE.

blue  Samsung A71 cellphone

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