Plastic is Back! Galaxy Unpacked 2020


Hello everyone, this is TheTechBoy with an opinion about the new devices Samsung released.

Galaxy Buds Live 

At the price of 170 dollars, the bean-shaped wireless earbuds are very impressive. These buds include Active Noise Cancellation, 8 hours without having to charge, a USB-C wireless charging case, and the new Mystic Bronze color.  The sound and call quality is good. Fortunately, Bixby is included with the buds and should pick up your voice, due to the three microphones in the buds.

white apple earpods with lightning to usb cable box

Galaxy Watch 3

The Galaxy Watch Three is an impressive smartwatch that comes in two sizes, 41 mm and 44 mm. The watch runs Samsung Tizen OS and has the popular rotating bezel. The watch has over 80,000 watch faces and you can add some more by taking a picture. The watch features GPS, Bixby, 1 GB of Ram, and 8 GB of non-expandable storage. There is also an LTE version of the watch. The watch base price is 399 dollars and the LTE version is almost 500 dollars. That is almost the price of a Samsung A51 or OnePlus Nord respectively.

turned-on black smartwatch on white surface

Tab S7 and S7+

Samsung has released the Tab S7 and S7+ and they look good. With big batteries and an S-Pen, these are designed for productivity.  The keyboard has a trackpad and the tablet can be tilted back at different angles. The cameras are average, but the tablets have 5G options. The tablets will retail at about 649-849 dollars and more information will be made available later. 
person sitting near glass mirror with laptop monitor and holding a stylus pen

These tablets can run Samsung Dex and make some productivity apps run with a bigger screen. 

Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G 

The front screen size on this phone is 6.2 inches and a 7.6-inch tablet screen. The cameras on the phone look good. More information about this futuristic phone will be released on Sept 1, 2020. 

Update-Sept 1 2020-The Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G has a starting price of 2000 dollars, which is only 20 dollars more than the original Galaxy Fold. For 20 dollars more you get an improved camera setup, 5G, Gorrila Glass Victus, Gorilla Glass 6, and Flex mode, which enables the phone to stand on its own at many different angles. Also, three years of software updates were extended to Samsung's entire foldable lineup.
person holding black phone 

Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra

These large phones are very Note like, especially the Note 20 Ultra. The Note 20 features a 6.7-inch flat 60 HZ screen, 4,300 mah battery, no headphone jack, 128 GB of non-expandable storage, a reinforced polycarbonate back, a Snapdragon 865+, and 8 GB of RAM.  This phone retails at 999 dollars. I personally, like the, reinforced polycarbonate back sometimes called "Glasstic." I do not appreciate the price or lack of a micro-sd card slot, but 128 GB of storage and the cloud integration using Samsung and Microsoft, most users will not notice. The price will be lowered, or combined with special options, or coupled with the Samsung Education Discount to make the price manageable. The battery is a large 4,300 mah battery. The cameras are excellent with 12 MP wide and ultra-wide and a 64 MP Telephoto zoom camera. An updated 3 times zoom camera is included with 30 times hybrid zoom. The phone uses a 25-watt charger. 

The Note 20 Ultra is the best Note for right now. This has an updated S-Pen with a latency rate of only 9 ms. The cameras feature a laser autofocus camera, a 108 MP 5 times optical zoom camera with 50 times zoom, and a 12 MP wide and ultra-wide camera. The Note 20 Ultra features a 6.9 -inch curved 120 HZ screen, 4,500 mah battery, no headphone jack, 128 GB, or 512 GB of expandable storage, a Gorilla Glass Victus back, 25-watt charging, a Snapdragon 865+, and 12 GB of RAM.  I personally like the upgraded toughness with the new glass, and the price is 1,249 dollars which is about 200 dollars less than the S20 Ultra at launch. Also, The price will be lowered, or combined with special options, or coupled with the Samsung Education Discount to make the price manageable. Expect software updates for three years for both Notes. Yay! 
Update-Sept 4 I found a Note 20 for 130 dollars off at this link. I found a Note 20 Ultra for under 1,000 dollars at this link

person holding blue iphone 5 c

Read more in our upcoming review. 


These phones are very exciting and expensive but expect the prices to be lowered after the pre-order. Also, look forward to Samsung's new midrange A lineup and their less expensive S/Note Lite lineup that should come in October and January. 

Tech Talk to you Later!

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