Ikling Usb-c multi-port Adapter Review

Ikling Usb-c multi-port Adapter Review



 A Decent low-cost dongle 

Hello, this is TheTechBoy and I have bought an Ikling USB-C multi-port adapter from Amazon. The USB-C multi-port adapter cost about 35 dollars when I bought it, but it is on sale for a limited time deal for only 23 dollars. This dongle was tested on a Samsung Galaxy Book 10.6 and a Samsung Galaxy A71 5G.

1. Number of Ports

The number of ports on this Ikling, USB-C multi-port adapter has nine ports It has two USB ports, an ethernet port, one Thunderbolt 3 USB-C port for charging, a full-size SD card, and a micro SD card slot, an HDMI, a VGA port, and finally a headphone jack. We tested the USB ports the VGA ports and the USB-c ports.

2. Materials and Size 

The Ikling, USB-C multi-port adapter is made out of a 0.5-inch thick metal and plastic at its highest point. The frame is 4.5 inches long by 1.75 inches wide. The cable that connects the multi-port adapter is about six inches. This dongle is obviously designed for super-thin laptops, tablets, or connecting your Samsung phone or tablet to a monitor for Samsung Dex. Some phones like the A71 5G and other phones with USBbh-c will not connect to a VGA monitor. This is because some phones don't work well with VGA monitors and the build quality of the dongle does not help it connect at all.  

3. How the dongle works 

    Ikling, USB-C multi-port adapter works well, but has some major inconveniences. First, the good parts of the dongle. The build quality looks good and it looks slim and not is not a bulky dongle. If you want, you can connect a dongle to it to extend or add more ports. The VGA port is a welcome addition; you can connect an older monitor to your device. 

    Unfortunately, the USB-C multi-port adapter has some inconveniences. First, to listen to the audio you sometimes have to connect headphones, and also, in my opinion, the connecting cable is too short. Secondly, the connecting cable that connects to the inside of the dongle to your device will not connect. In many meetings the monitor will not connect to the dongle. Unfortunately, sometimes the slightest bump will cause it to disconnect from USB cameras and keyboards. 

 Make sure to plug in everything you want plugged in to the dongle before plugging the dongle into you computer; your computer will not let you use a USB device and charge at the same time.  As of late, the dongle will not connect to a VGA monitor. Also, the number of USB ports is limited to only two. 

Update: After reinstalling Windows the USB ports work well but the VGA port is still not working. 


The sites in the circled area are faulty and sometimes have to be twisted to get the dongle to connect


4. Conclusion 

The Ikling, USB-C multi-port adapter is an okay dongle but requires some wireless accessories. With only two full-sized USB ports, a Bluetooth keyboard without a dongle might be helpful. Although the dongle has two full-sized USB ports and requires headphones I am giving the Ikling, USB-C multi-port adapter two out of five stars for build quality and connectivity options for phones, tablets, and super-thin laptops.  


We got a replacement dongle from Amazon and it works well with Maestro Mo's Chromebook. The updated star rating is 3 out of 5 for now. Update 11/23/2022: It won't work with my S22 so it is now at 2 stars. 

Tech Talk to You Later! 

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