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 Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a Samsung Experience Store Review. In 2019, I went to The Samsung Experience Store. The store was quite interesting. I also went again in 2021.

Reason 1. Size and Layout 

At the Samsung Experience Store, The most recent phones are in the front while the older phones are right behind the new phones. On one side, there is a whole row of  Windows laptops and Google Chromebooks. On the other side, there are tablets and smartwatches. And in another section, there is a large gaming area that I did not get to see! In 2021, I was allowed to use the Samsung Z Fold 2, and later the Z fold 3, and using them was amazing. The phone's screens were big and the S Pen worked well on the Z Fold 3. I also got to see the Samsung TV that goes from landscape to portrait mode.
turned-on black Samsung smartwatch on white surface

Reason 2. Availability

When I went in 2019, the Note 10 just came out and you could not buy it in stores, but I was able to test it and fiddle around with the handset. The whole Samsung S10 lineup, the S9 lineup, and the Note 9 lineup were there.  In 2021 the entire S21 and Note 20 series were there along with the Tab S7 and S7+ and the S20 FE. The S21 has no Micro-Sd card slot while the Note 20 Ultra has one. The Tab S7 series also had Dex mode. The S20 FE is a good midrange flagship phone. It even supports Dex mode.  

black Samsung S10 smartphone with black circular smartwatch

Reason 3. Customer Service 

Upon entering the Samsung Experience Store, the staff greeted us and directed us to the phones. They were very helpful and knowledgeable about a very new phone. The staff knew the storage capacities of both phones, the screen sizes, and most of the special features that the phones contained. This is helpful because this can help consumers learn about what devices they would like to buy.

4. Conclusion 

In Conclusion. the Samsung Experience Store staff are very knowledgeable, and the Store has many of the newest Samsung devices. The store is very large and the layout was nice. You can try to use the devices before you buy them, and you don't have to buy something to go enter. 

Tech Talk To You Later!!

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