How The Tab S8 can beat the iPad Pt. 1

Greetings, this is TheTechBoy with one way that the Tab S8 can beat the iPad. 

Virtualization/Microsoft Support

Samsung has Dex and Apple has iPad OS. Samsung needs to use Dex to beat iPads by using their partnership with Microsoft. They can use their partnership to get software that can boot Windows (and another OS) on their tablets. 

    Think of the possibilities! Samsung's main advantage over Apple would be having a full desktop OS, and the tablets could finally replace your laptop. Unfortunately, this could jeopardize Microsoft's Surface tablets and Windows 365.

A person working on Windows 11 laptop on the couch the screen is blue and it is showing widgets

Ikling Usb-c multi-port Adapter Review 


    A more plausible partnership could be VirtualBox or Vmware selling subscriptions of their software for an Android or Samsung-only version of their software. This would benefit Samsung as it would create a competitive advantage over other tablet makers and the virtualization companies would get extra exposure. This would mean you could run Windows on a tablet (paid) or you could run Linux (free). This would allow for more application support on the tablet, and it could completely replace a traditional laptop. Stay tuned for the next reason.   

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