Samsung Unpacked 2021: Wait, Where is It?

Samsung Unpacked 2021: Wait, Where is It?


 Wait, Where is It?

Hello, This is TheTechBoy, and today we have a review of Samsung Unpacked 2021. 

Samsung SmartTags

    You won't be saying, "Wait, where is it", if you have this Bluetooth and Ultra Wide Band tracker. Samsung SmartTags are battery-operated tags that use Bluetooth to find a lost object. If the object is out of Bluetooth range, an encrypted network of Samsung devices will help you find it. This costs 29.99 dollars. Samsung SmartTags Plus, however, uses Ultra Wide Band which results in a more precise location. More information will come out later

TheTechBoy would recommend this product with five out of five stars.


Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

    These earbuds cost 199.99 dollars and look like earbuds. They have Active Noise Cancellation and, can measure the sound inside your ear with the outside microphone, and the sound inside your ear with the inside microphone. These earbuds feature Dolby Head-Tracking, which according to Samsung, "Pinpoints the direction of the sound as you move your head, enabling a powerful sense of realism." The earbuds also are IPX7 water-resistant.

TheTechBoy would recommend these earbuds with four out of five stars.

⭐⭐⭐⭐☆😀 These Earbuds should compete with Air Pods Pro

The S21 Series

    The S21 series has three different phone models, with a base price of 799.99 dollars for the Samsung S21 5G. With the S21 and S21+ 5G you get a Snapdragon 888 chip with eight GB of RAM. For storage, you get 128 or 256 GB of non-expandable storage!! The display for the S21 is a flat 6.2-inch screen. For the S21+ the screen is 6.7 inches. Both phones feature a 120 HZ display, and the display can go all the way down to 48 HZ. It has a standard 12 Megapixel wide, ultrawide, and a telephoto camera. There is a single 10 Megapixel camera. The rear camera is housed inside of metal.


                                                Read About the S21

    For the S21 Ultra their three different non-expandable storage options: 128 GB with 12 GB of RAM, 256 GB with 12GB of RAM, or 512GB with 12 or 16 GB of RAM. The screen is 6.8 inches and the curved, 120 HZ display, can go all the way down to one HZ. This device is S-Pen compatible, with the new S-pen and older Note model S-pens. There is no S-pen slot but an S-pen case. All models have USB-C with 25-watt fast charging and 15-watt wireless charging. Chargers and Earbuds are sold separately. All these phones feature Android 11 with One-UI 3.1. These phones should get updated to Android 14

TheTechBoy rates this phone series at  3 out of 5 stars and would not recommend buying it unless you have an older phone, have Samsung S8 or older, or are using an Apple phone. 
⭐⭐⭐☆☆ ☹️ Good phone but expandable storage is a must for some people, myself included. 

Alternative models to consider would be the A71 5GS20 FE, or the S20 5G instead of the S21. For the S21+, alternative models could be the S20 FE, or the S20+. For The S21 Ultra, alternative models to consider would be the Note 20 Ultra or the S20 Ultra. 


    In all, although the Samsung Ecosystem of Smart Things got better, unfortunately, their phones got worse. Lower prices and a bigger fingerprint scanner do not make up for the lack of expandable storage, no curved screens, and less RAM than the S20, on the S21, and S21+ . The lack of expandable storage on these phones really lowers the TheTechBoy rating.

You will have to use a dongle for expandable storage.

    The S21 Ultra, a real productivity phone, with excellent specs and the bonus of S-pen compatibility is only ruined by the lack of expandable storage. Its features are excellent, even better than the Note 20 Ultra in some ways, but expandable storage is a key selling point of Samsung's many productivity and power user phones.

    Fortunately, the Note 20 Ultra is still advertised and sold by Samsung, and we can wait for the next Samsung Note device, the S21 FE, and the Samsung S22 series. Until then, Tech Talk to you Later.!

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