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    Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a review of the Citrix desktop as a service (DAAS).  This DAAS service allows anyone to access a Windows desktop on a PC or smartphone. The VDI I have access to has 8GB of RAM and 30 GB of storage.  It is running on a VMware interface. There is a client application for mobile and desktop applications that you have to install. The DAAS requires internet access to work; only one user can be logged in at a time. 

Citrix Gateway login screen that says: Citrix Gateway Please log on: User name Password

    This desktop interface is pretty snappy. I was able to log in to my TheTechBoy account and, I could type and I could browse, type, read emails pretty decently. Thunderbird worked, using WPS office to annotate PDFs and Google docs all loaded quickly. Libre Office also works as well. I ran a benchmark on Libre Office Calc and found that it crunched numbers in 40-something seconds one time with other programs open, then 58 and 57 seconds with programs closed the next time. The company says this is the VDI's intended use. I did have one problem with the screen though, on my local laptop the screen is noticeably crisper and the VDI screen is not as smooth. (The company tells me that they calibrate the screen to match the laptop resolution.) In all with this workload, the VDI is pretty snappy and useful. I really appreciate it. You can stream audio from the internet radio in the background with only some stutters in the middle. However, when many tabs are open on the device, browser-based tasks kind of stutter. This VDI is not intended for people to game, stream 4K content or manage heavy workloads. 

    The company does not intend for you to access this device from a mobile device. You can access the desktop from a phone but it is tedious. You need to download an application and put in your domain name and password you review when setting up.  You will then download a file. This file kept re-downloading on my system, but it could be Secure Folder.  Speaking of security, the desktop cannot access your files and anything on your network. The is also a 2sv option. The desktop loads fine on Android but you may want to put it in tablet mode or zoom the screen to 250% to make it useable. There are certain gestures that you have to use to scroll around the screen. This might be more useful with a tablet and keyboard, but according to the company it is better used on a laptop or desktop PC.   

    The company told me this is a good service for people who need to access a company network when working from home. This seems pretty decent for that. It is great for accessing cloud-based services and office and productivity software. I do appreciate that it has mobile access meaning I could use a tablet and keyboard and access a Windows interface. 

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