This Week In Tech + Podcast EP 2

This Week In Tech + Podcast EP 2


Hello, this is TheTechBoy with the This Week in Tech roundup and podcast Episode 2.

    This Week TheTechBoy covered the OnePlus 10T event and the Retevis RT34 Video walkie talkies. We also did a reaction to the OnePlus 10T. 

A black camera showing the screen on a tripod recording a blurred out background.

OnePlus 10T Live 🎥

    In this liveblog, TheTechBoy noticed that connectivity and speed were major points of the presentation. However, we will not spoil the presentation for you. Go watch it and come back I will wait for you. Go on...

Retevis RT34: Spy Kids?  🔎

    These toy video walkie-talkies have an interesting design and feature set. Their image quality is decent at best and the phone is pretty durable. Will limited range and alleged security issues change the device's recommendation? Check it out by clicking the link.  

Orange and Green robots behind their boox. There is a camera on the face of the robot and the speaker and screen below.

Connection vs Camera 📷

Jade Green OnePlus 10T Fair Use 

    This is the OnePlus 10T reaction article and this is what I have to say. The OnePlus 10T is Focused on Speed, Connectivity, and Customization. Oxygen OS 13 looked like an iPhone. However, the camera on this device is not inspiring and users may want a Pixel 6 or 6a for a better camera. I worry about the phone's overall battery health because of the 125/150-watt charger (depending on region). 




Hi, all this is TheTechBoy from with the This Week In TheTechBoy podcast. I will be discussing what happened in TheTechBoy this week and what we have coming up.

This week I changed the theme of the site due to some issues with the comment system of the old layout. We also covered the OnePlus 10T and the Retevis RT34 walkie-talkies.  I will sum up some of the points of the 10T reaction article riiight now!!

I said that the OnePlus 10T was: Focused on Speed, Connectivity, and Customization. I also said that Oxygen OS 13 looked like an iPhone. However, the camera on this device is not inspiring and users may want a Pixel 6 or 6a for a better camera. Check out the full reaction on our article Connection vs Camera. That is all for this speedy OnePlus 10T reaction. 

I also covered the Retevis RT34 Video walkie-talkies. I said that it was an interesting device. Find out if the interesting design and feature set  can compensate for the connection and potential security issues. Is this toy the right choice for your child?  

Other than the OnePlus event and the Retevis RA34 I also have been reviewing the Bocoice Speaker among some other devices. I commented on a live stream yesterday and my comments were featured on the live stream three times!! Wow!! 

Coming up TheTechBoy is releasing the review of the DAAS that will be our 100th post. When that post is released today or early next week I will include the two-year anniversary edition image and additional information that it is the 100th post. So please go check it out. Also, the Retevis RA19 review should come out soon. And the special article I hinted at is nearing completion.

Tech Talk To You Later 


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