YouTube Has A Problem

YouTube Has A Problem

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with an article. 

    Hello, as some of you may know, YouTube has had a large redesign. YouTube has more tabs than sort YouTube Shorts, Videos, and Live. The is more rounding on the icons and buttons, and in general, YouTube got an overall facelift. The redesign seems great but..

An image of the YouTube Homepage. It is showing a red button with a white triangle icon.




                                  There Is A Problem

     YouTube does not allow searching from the oldest to the newest videos anymore, without any hacky workarounds. This is a major problem. It allows you to see how a creator has progressed from their first video to their most current video. Imagine if you wanted to see how things were five or eight years ago. I really enjoyed this feature. It was for finding unknown content, interviewing YouTubers, and a host of other functions. 

                            What Replaced this Feature?!!

Icons that say Recently Uploads and Popular

    YouTube is now just showing the newest and most popular videos. This is infinitely worse than the oldest and newest function. Yes, some of the old videos are popular now, but more people will start watching the newest videos which will push the oldest videos downward. This means the most popular and newest videos will become the same over time, and the oldest videos will be pushed down. A creator put time and work into a video, just because it is old does not mean it is important.  Let me know in the comment if you enjoyed using this feature.  

YouTube Please Bring It Back!!

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