3 Tips For Using Pexels For videos

3 Tips For Using Pexels For videos

Greetings, this is TheTechBoy bringing you three tips to Using Pexels. 

    Pexels is akin to Unsplash but with the added advantage of supporting videos. It allows users to effortlessly download videos from their platform without requiring any user attribution. To enhance your experience with Pexels, here are three valuable tips:

1. Begin by visiting Pexels.com and navigating to the search bar located at the center of the page. Click on it and select 'Videos' to tailor your search specifically for videos. Enter your desired keywords to find relevant content.

Pexels Search Bar

2. Once you've found a video of interest, simply click on it. To optimize your viewing experience, utilize the green bar to choose the desired video quality. You can also use the arrow keys to seamlessly switch between different videos. The bottom bar provides information on the video's duration.

3. For more refined search results, take advantage of the text bubbles positioned at the top of the page. They allow you to further narrow down your search criteria. Additionally, when downloading a video, a text prompt will appear, giving you the option to attribute the author if you wish.

God Bless and Tech Talk To You Later!! 

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