Samsung M8 vs Samsung M7 (Samsung M7 vs M8)

Samsung M8 vs Samsung M7 (Samsung M7 vs M8)

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    I recently saw this comment on a YouTube video. I did a little research and found that there was not much about this topic online. I decided to write about it myself so here we go. 


    The Samsung M8 and M7 are Samsung's smart monitors. They both run Tizen and have support for streaming applications for watching television. Both monitors feature a remote and voice assistants. The monitors also have Office online support and Dex support. 

White Samsung M7 with orange background. The screen is showing an orange Power Point presentation being made and there is also a white keyboard and a back remote. To the left side there is a lam and a small potted plant in a container.
Light green Samsung M8 monitor with green keyboard and white remote. The are a few notebooks and pens next to the monitor. The screen is showing a screen with a chart on it. The top of the screen has a camera.


    The Samsung M7 monitor (32 in) retails at 329.99 dollars on and the M8 monitor (32 in) between 699.99 and 729.99 dollars. The M7 has an additional 43-inch monitor that retails for 499.99. However, for our purposes, we will be comparing the 32-inch models since the M8 does not have a larger model.  


    As noted previously both monitors feature the Tizen OS and have voice assistants. The M8 also you to change your assistant from Bixby, Alexa, and Google Assistant. A Medium commenter told me that Google Assistant is not on the device. We regret the error. The M7 also features those assistants. The screen on the M8 is also better, as it is about 60% brighter than the M7 and the sRGB color gamut is better. The M8 is 99 % while the M7 is not specified. I found it ranges from 89.6% to 99%. The M8 also has a faster response time; the M8's is 4ms compared to the M7's 8ms response time. Both displays feature a 60 HZ refresh rate, meaning the display refresh 60 times in one second. The M8 also features the newer HDR10+.  The M8 also comes in more colors (blue, pink, white, green) while the M7 only comes in black and white. 

Samsung M8 in light colors. The colors go from top left to right then down in this order: pink, white, blue and green. their screens are showing the respective colors.
Samsung M8


The M8 has three ports. According to Samsung, the M8 has: "one micro HDMI port, one upstream USB-C port, and one downstream USB-C port. The middle USB-C port also supports 65W charging." According to Tech Radar, The M7 has 3 USB 2.0 ports, 2 HDMI ports, and 1 USB-C port. The M8 comes with a micro HDMI to HDMI cable in the box. The M8 also has a camera that clips onto the top of the monitor and supports face tracking and Google Duo. The M7 features no such accessory.


  If you want a good monitor for video chatting then the M8 is the monitor to choose; it has an included camera and face tracking in the software. The M8 also has a 60% brighter screen and it potentially has a better sRGB color gamut. The M8 also has more USB-C ports than the M7. The M7 does have full USB-A  and HDMI ports, so if that is important to you the M7 is the monitor for you. Both monitors have DEX, Office 365, smart assistants, and Smarthings support. This was a hard article to write and hopefully, the article is correct. Some of the specs were different online, and if I find more updates, then I hope to post them here. Tech Talk To You Later!!

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