How the Tab S8 can beat the iPad Pt. 2

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with how the Tab S8 can beat the iPad part 2. 

    If virtualization companies and Microsoft don't want to put Windows on Samsung devices, then a third-party developer can do it. The developer could write an ISO booter application. An app like that could allow Windows and Linux ISO's to be booted. However, this may be a hard application to code. 

Linux Support

Another idea would be to bring Linux on Dex Beta back or to partner with a company like Canonical to get a GNU/Linux distribution on its tablets (and phones) in DEX mode. This would allow Ubuntu to get on more devices and for Samsung to get more tablet users. This is a feasible idea that could work. 


Another idea would be for Samsung or a third party to make a Windows emulator. This would allow for Windows programs to run on the tablet. However, the application may be buggy and slow. 


Adding the Chrome Web Store to Samsung Internet would be good for Samsung. IOS has extensions and it is now time for Samsung to get them also. 

Thank you for reading!! Tech Talk to You Later!!! 

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